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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions about our Studio, Methods and Technical Requirements.

Are we a Good Fit?

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Yes, we are a Sydney Based 3D Visualisation Team and all of our work is performed by in-house 3d artists. 

We work exclusively on an Hourly Rate basis and can only provide a rough estimation, based on initial files and desired outcome. Ultimately, you are in full control of the cost and can stop at any time, if you are finding the current progress sufficient for your goals.

No, we are not. The main purpose of our 3D Renders is to allow our clients to Sell their Projects Quicker, therefore we aim at providing final images in the shortest amount of time and minimize the expenses.

We are very flexible in terms of the final Output. Depending on your project we can provide anything from black’n’white screenshots to decent realistic renders. However, if you are looking for super realistic high-end CGIs, we are not the right company to help you.

We always aim to get started ASAP, simply because we only get paid once you are happy with the final product. Typically the same or next day.

How We Work

Questions Related to Our Work Process

We will charge you based on the number of man-hours we have invested into producing desired Renders. Final Pictures without watermarks will be released once we receive a confirmation of payment.

This will depend on the number of renders you require and how big the scope of work is. We’ll be able to tell you once you send us the plans or give us some of the details. As a rough estimate, we will have your drafts to you within 48 hours, but we aim to get this done quicker.

As many as you like, if you are not happy with the final result, we won’t charge you.

Only on a couple of first projects before we can build up some trust and get familiar with your paying habits. Once it is clear that you are 100% happy with what we do and keen to process invoices asap so we happy as well, we will quickly switch to a no-more-watermarks mode. 

We accept online transactions through direct transfers and cash payments

Technical Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Basically, whatever you have available, even hand-drawn sketches will be helpful. If you have detailed site plans, elevations and finishes schedules – please share them with us, so we can accurately determine the scope.

The main thing would be a clear idea of what you are trying to see as a final product. The more details you have – the quicker we can get it produced for you and cheaper it will be.

Depending on your project, CGIs can be anything from 500kb to 10mb and 1000px to 4000px.

Our Pictures can be opened by any Standard Software. The format of the pictures will be JPEG or PNG, unless you specify something else.

Absolutely! Ideally, please specify where you are planning to use them so we can determine required resolution.

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